December 1, 2017by oil4wales

With Six Nations fever set to grip the nation once again we caught up with Wales player.

Find out his unusual pre-game ritual, his secret love of R&B, and why he can’t get enough of Wagamama’s.

Do you get nervous ahead of big games?

A little bit, but as I have got older and gained more experience, not as much. I think what’s going to happen will happen, the world isn’t going to end if you don’t play as well as you should.

Do you have any unusual pre-game rituals?

Nothing particularly strange. But I never like walking on the lines before coming on the pitch, whether it’s for warm up or coming on for the anthem. I don’t know why but I just never like doing it.

What is your proudest achievement?

Winning my 50th cap was a big moment. A lot of players are capable of getting a handful of caps, but getting to 50 shows consistency over a number of years. That was a particularly proud moment for me.

What is your go-to comfort food?

Wagamama, it’s on my way back from training, so that is definitely a go to for me.

What band/musician are you into at the moment?

I really like R&B music, so old school stuff like Akon or 50 Cent.

Off the field, which of the boys do you socialise with most and what do you tend to get up to?

In terms of the Ospreys I tend to see Ashley Beck off the field, we go for food or coffee together, or go to each other’s houses after training. I don’t tend to see too many of the boys off the field when I’m training to be honest, I try to see people from school and others.

What are you currently binge watching on Netflix/TV?

I’ve just finished watching Power, I finished four series in about a month. I have been up in the Vale , so that has been the big one while I’ve been there.

What’s your favourite tipple?

Any bottled beer, like Corona or something like that.

What was the last book you read?

Rafael Nadal’s autobiography.

Who is your sporting hero?

Roger Federer, I always liked watching him play. I have seen him in Wimbledon a couple of times. I’m a big tennis fan and I’ve been to Wimbledon a few times and loved it.

If you weren’t a rugby player, what would you be doing?

I’d be asking Colin for a job! (laughs) I’d really like to do something which didn’t have a set routine, something was had variety. My friends always laugh when I say this but I’d like to be a delivery driver. It would be nice to be out and about all day.

If you could invite any three people round to dinner (dead or alive) who would they be?

Roger Federer, Leonardo DiCaprio, and Nicole Scherzinger.

Apart from rugby, what other sports do you enjoy?

I really enjoy tennis, football too, I’m a Manchester United supporter, and cricket too, especially with the Ashes on now.

Do you have any hidden talents?

I’m pretty good at table tennis. I’m definitely up there, not at an Olympic standard by any means, but I can hold my own in the team room. I’ve played the boys when we’re on tour, when there is a table when we’re on tour that’s where I usually am. That’s probably what I’m most comfortable doing after rugby.

Why is it great to be an ambassador for Oil 4 Wales?

The biggest thing about working with Oil 4 Wales is the support they give to communities. Most companies are all about making money, but the amount Oil 4 Wales give back to the community, for no reward at all, is great. A lot of the things they do, they don’t ask for anything in return, they just want to offer their support and help local communities. It’s nice to work with a brand that focuses on that.