January 4, 2018by oil4wales

Ever wondered what a day in the life of one of our staff is like?

Whether it’s our engineers, drivers, or managers, no day at Oil 4 Wales is the same!

To celebrate the start of 2018 we’re taking a look at a day in the life of our very own director Sally Owens.

Over to you Sally ….

6.30am – I’m usually woken up by Isla (Sally’s daughter) around 6.30am, there’s no need to set alarm as she’s on the dot normally! She doesn’t actually get out of bed though, she just shouts mummy!

6.30am to 7.40am –Trying to get two kids dressed and give them breakfast between this times means it’s carnage in our house!

7.45am – I leave the house to take Isla to school club in Sketty. And then it’s off to one of our offices.

8.30am – On a normal day I’m in the Cardiff or Carmarthen office, on random days I will head to the other depots or meetings.

8.30am onwards – The day can consist of meetings with customers,  staff, and others who use our services at our seven depots around Wales. Alongside this I will deal with any issues or tasks which arise. This week I’ve been helping to organise our Christmas party for 200 people!

The phone will go constantly all day, and we’ll probably receive around 30 to 40 calls a day and around 150 plus emails. It’s constant for us at Oil 4 Wales, but being busy is never a bad thing. Our engineers might be called out to breakdowns and call outs, so I might be driving to collect Isla, or cooking her tea, and the phone still goes in between – it’s 24/7!

4.30pm – I leave the office on the days I am collecting Isla to get to her for 5pm, we get home around 5.30pm and have tea, and do the bedtime routine.

6pm – if Dewi has been to the gym that morning I’ll head to the gym in the evening or vice versa, we are both Crossfit nuts and I literally couldn’t cope without having that as my release from work.

7.30pm – I’ll finish up emails in the evening and any outstanding work bits.

9pm – I’ll head to bed for around 9pm as I’m old and tired all the time!

Then we’ll get up and do it all again!