August 28, 2018by oil4wales

Over the years, we’ve been paying attention to the kindness of our team – from Director and engineer, to admin and cashier.

We always aim to recruit people who embody who we are as a company – honest, kind, and community-focused! That’s why we provide full training for each and every role: so if somebody isn’t quite trained but we know they’re the right fit for us, we’ll get them trained up so they can be ready to be part of the Oil 4 Wales team!

One person who caught our eye recently is our wonderful engineer, Ricky!

Here he is looking very soggy this most recent bank holiday weekend – rain or shine Ricky will be out if a customer needs him!

“Is this oil 4 Wales or Coal 4 Wales?!”

Every month, at least, Ricky spends his Sunday with his family, and a whole team of local people who work together to feed homeless people in Cardiff.

“It’s not just bags with some crisps and a water bottle. Alongside hot drinks we try to bring hot, hearty foods – big stews and pies. Many people spend the whole day before just cooking up huge batches of food.”

Our lovely engineer Ricky is spending tonight in #Cardiff giving out food & blankets to those in need. #Oil4Wales #wecare #welshcommunitypic.twitter.com/FvXEdd6Acv

— Oil4Wales (@Oil4Wales) 22 July 2018

With a whole load of blankets and food, Ricky needed the Oil 4 Wales van.

This kind of spirit is exactly the kind of community we love to have here at Oil 4 Wales, and many of our team’s kindness and gestures can go unknown! We spoke to Ricky about some of the things him and his team have done for customers (or strangers) whilst on the job.

“There’s been loads of times we’ve just helped people out, and it’s not a big deal, we just see it as the right thing to do! We’ve pushed broken down cars to our stations so they can fuel up, I recently fixed an elderly lady’s gate, we’ve given loyal customers free oil when they’ve really been in a bad place, we’ve driven through fields to get to customer’s houses. I once drove a lady to pick up her car as it was being serviced and she couldn’t get to it. All sorts through the years, really.”

No road? No problem.
Nothing* stops us from getting to our destination!

*well, within reason! #gelligaer #oil4wales #customerservice #wecare #offroading#welshcountryside pic.twitter.com/gLIqwh6pBa

— Oil4Wales (@Oil4Wales) 21 August 2018

We think that being kind is important, whether it’s in office hours or out of them! We’re glad to have Ricky and the rest of the Oil 4 Wales team be amazing examples of our company.

Have you ever had a really bad day, needed a break, and somebody come surprise you with kindness? Ever had a barista give you a coffee on the house, had somebody help you carry your suitcase down the stairs at the train station? Tell us on Twitter!

Use #ActsofKindess and @Oil4Wales to tell us your story.

Ricky takes part with this monthly act of kindness through his local church, St Denys Church.

The Paradise Run takes place every week night:

“Our soup run takes place from 8 – 9 o’clock every week night. Food and drink are served to anyone in need, and not just to the homeless.”

For more information on how to get involved or how to donate, please visit the Rainbow of Hope website.