AdBlueWe have opened our first AdBlue production plant!

June 29, 2021by oil4wales0

We are on a mission to provide more sustainable solutions to our customers and as such, we have opened our first production plant, which uses Welsh water to produce AdBlue.

AdBlue reduces vehicle emissions, resulting in cleaner air for local communities. We are proud to be the only AdBlue manufacturer in Wales, and prouder still to be using high quality, welsh water for our AdBlue.

Our AdBlue plant is based in Sennybridge and will yield AdBlue created using a high-purity urea solution and Welsh water in partnership with Norwegian chemical company and AdBlue market leader, Yara International.

Colin Owens, Managing Director commented – ” Initial tests demonstrate that the newly developed bespoke dilution system installed is outperforming original expectations with regards to purification and control of blend ratios and for this we are extremely proud.”

“The control system is delivering ultra-high accuracy of concentration control and due to the use of our home-grown water sourced from within the Welsh valleys, the DI purification is of superior quality compared to other manufacturers within the industry. With consistent and highly repeatable results, the new system allows class leading control of product quality and traceability to market.”

“It felt like the right time to use high-quality Welsh water to create a more environmentally friendly solution which is healthier for the people of Wales. As a proud Welsh company we are always exploring new ways to deliver value and quality products to our customers.”

“We are rightly proud of the unparalleled quality of our water here in Wales, which gave us the idea to blend it with urea and make a superior quality AdBlue solution. This project ties in not only with our mission to support the green economy here in Wales but with our transition to ‘Green 4 Wales’”

Director, Sally Owens added – “It is ever more important in the current climate to look to the future to protect and save the environment wherever possible. As an oil company this is a difficult task but one which we are fully committed to, hence the proposed transition over the next 12 months to ‘Green 4 Wales.’”

More to come on our transition to Green 4 Wales!

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