June 15, 2018by oil4wales

This Father’s Day we thought we’d do something a little different at Oil 4 Wales: share some fatherly advice! So we rounded up some of our team and ambassadors and asked them their best piece of Dad Advice for other dads out there. This is what we learned:

Make as many memories with your kids when they’re young as they grow up way too quickly.


Always make time (with your phone an emails off) when walking in from work to kids going to bed for family time

– Matt

Always cut grapes in half. Oh, and buy some bungee cord for stair gates so they always shut after you open them!

– Shaun

Dads are not a personal bank for daughters!

– Rob

Kids never seem to remember birthdays but give them your credit card number once and they will remember them forever.

– Gwnfor

Check your bank account occasionally – Mums usually have access to a account and are a softer touch!

– John

We’re sensing a trend here…

So, onto a few of our ambassadors:

Sunday is always a special day and I’m sure most families enjoy the day to relax and be with their family – it’s really important to take time out and share stories and experiences with one and other.

– Gareth Wyn Jones

The most important thing is to remember to put your phone down and play with your kids! They are only small once and you don’t want them to remember you having a phone glued to your hands when all they want to do is play whilst they’re growing up.

– Dan Lydiate

Enjoy and make the most of every moment because time flies by.

– Ken Owens

We absolutely love some of this advice. Does it resonate with you? 

What’s your best bit of Dad advice? Let us know on social media!