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Oil 4 Wales: “Working with the community, for the community”.
And we really do mean it. Oil 4 Wales was created with the Welsh community in mind, with the customers as priority and, to this day, the Owens family maintain that the business is “never to be sold.” Period.

How does Oil 4 Wales stay community focused?

It’s simple. As well as being big supporters of the Welsh Rugby world, we also spend a lot of our time and efforts within the communities of Wales, whether it’s a charity fundraising event, taking part in summer festivals, or contributing to charitable organisations to help them continue the work they do.

Medserve Wales
Medserve Wales are a voluntary organisation providing pre-hospital enhanced care in Wales. They do crucial and often life-saving job, with volunteer medics and members giving their time and energy to assist those in need.

Oil 4 Wales are proud to support Medserve Wales by providing them with fuel for their journeys around Wales. We believe that it’s important to do what we can to help, and so that’s exactly what we do.

Rugby Club Boards
We sponsor various local rugby clubs around Wales to ensure that young athletes are given a chance to pursue their sports dreams! After all, we will be in need of ambassadors in 10 years time!
Annual Tractor Run
Every year we get kitted out in our best farmer-wear alongside our ambassadors and spend a day at the Annual Tractor run to raise money for Marie Curie and the children affected by the loss of their parents, Nick Jones and Lizzie Edwards.
Snowdrop Sports Disability Event
Each year we attend a Snowdrop Sports Disability Event, as we believe that anybody, whatever their background or ability, can excel in any sport they put their minds to. The Snowdrop events encourage and support people with disabilities to try out and find their sport of choice!
School Events
One of our favourite things is seeing the children’s faces when we show up to local schools with our famous ambassadors in tow! Our ambassadors, coming largely from rugby backgrounds, spend these days doing meet and greets with school children to liven up their weeks!
The Little Things
Sometimes it’s not all about the big gestures, about ambassadors or events. Sometimes it’s just about the little things in life. Sometimes our customers (and non-customers!) need a chat, a helping hand, a gate fixing.

Over the years, often without saying anything, our team has gone above and beyond to help others. When we really feel like somebody needs a break, financially, emotionally – we’ve been there to give them a little bit of help

And more

As well as our ongoing projects and annual events, we try to do as much as we can throughout the whole year when it comes to getting involved in the community.

Think that we can get involved with your event?