May 2, 2018by oil4wales

Here at Oil 4 Wales we recognise just how important your oil supplies are to your life.

As such, we strive to ensure that our customers receive their oil quickly, efficiently, and at the most convenient time.

While we recognise the vast benefits of using a heating oil system, many people are still dissuaded from utilising it due to numerous misconceptions.

We are frequently asked questions such as is it too expensive? Is it ineffective? Or is it unreliable?

Here, our expert engineer Ricky Hall challenges five common myths surrounding heating oil …


It’s more expensive

We often get asked if heating oil is more expensive than heating your home with gas. Oil and gas prices fluctuate daily in line with world oil markets. Currently oil is regarded as more competitive than gas, however, this can change subject to oil and gas movements on the day.

With regards to our customers, we continue to strive to think outside the box. We continue to be transparent and honest to our customers through providing our buying prices and margins when asked. We are one of few oil distribution companies that actually provide this information, which underlines our commitment to giving our customers a fair price. We do not base customer prices on the size of their tank, we prices take various factors into consideration, such as distance from the terminal or depot, and volume of their order.


It’s dangerous

Heating oil is no more dangerous than using a gas heating system in your home. There is no risk of a fire or leak, provided the owner stores it in a well-maintained and suitable space, which is located away from any additional heat sources.

Heating oil also doesn’t pose a risk of carbon monoxide poisoning, unlike gas, as it is stored outside the home and therefor less likely to impact health.


It’s harmful to the environment

With much discussion centered around reducing emissions, one of the most frequent questions Oil 4 Wales is asked is about the environmental impact of oil heating.

Emissions from home heating oil contribute just 0.03 percent of all CO2 emissions, compared to 60 percent that is generated by gas-powered boilers. Comparatively oil could be considered to be far less environmentally harmful.

Today’s heating oil is 95% cleaner than in 1970 after its sulfur content was reduced by over 93%.


It’s unreliable

Oil boilers are just as reliable as gas-powered boilers and provide the same length of service to the homes they heat.

We would always advise customers to ensure their tanks are well maintained to ensure they get the best out of their oil heating system. Ensure it is regularly inspected and if you have any concerns contact one of the Oil 4 Wales team.

Supplies could run out

There is an ongoing belief that oil supplies across the UK could eventually dwindle.

However, as we import both oil and gas from numerous countries and numerous sources,  this is highly unlikely. The UK has imported oil from sources including Norway, Algeria and Nigeria, with Norway proving to be the UK’s biggest provider.

Oil 4 Wales also purchases its vital supplies far in advance to ensure it always has surplus stock for its valued customers.

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