NewsOil 4 Wales is becoming Green 4 Wales

June 23, 2021by oil4wales

Oil 4 Wales is changing! We are becoming ‘Green 4 Wales’ over the next 12 months and this move will see us replacing fossil fuels with environmentally friendly alternatives.

In addition to our collaboration with Riversimple Movement to develop a hydrogen refuelling infrastructure at our depots and service stations across the country, we are also soon to open our first AdBlue plant, in an aim to reduce emissions from Diesel engines.

Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil (HVO) Fuel – one of the cleanest fuels on the market – will also soon be available for delivery from us here at Green 4 Wales and is already helping businesses reduce their greenhouse gas emissions by up to 90%. It is continuously being explored as a replacement to domestic heating oil, with Oil 4 Wales undergoing various case studies within its customer infrastructure, both domestic and commercial premises. The added benefit of HVO is that costs to alter domestic systems to accept HVO are minimal compared to other proposed replacement energy sources such as heat pumps.

Sally Williams, Director stated “It is ever more important in the current climate to look to the future to protect and save the environment wherever possible. As an oil company this is a difficult task but one which we are fully committed to, hence the proposed transition over the next 12 months to ‘Green 4 Wales.’”

“Right now, it is vital that the oil industry supports greener fuel additives and solutions to reduce emissions, which will result in cleaner air quality for us all and help with world climate change targets especially in order to rectify the damage that has already been caused”.