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May 18, 2019by oil4wales

How to Prepare for an Oil Tank Installation

At Oil 4 Wales we can do anything from heating oil delivery, to servicing, surveys, installation – and more! We pride ourselves on our customer service, and our engineers are always happy to help!

There are a few things you can do before we visit to make things a little easier and smoother!

The trick to an easy oil tank installation is being prepared. Take a look at this guide to learn what you can expect during your oil tank installation.

Oil Tank Installation

We’ve picked the brains of our Oil 4 Wales engineers and asked them to give us some of the main factors for you to consider when thinking about an oil tank installation.

Is an Oil Tank Right for Your Home?

Oil-tank heating systems have become more popular in recent years. A lot of states encourage refiners to reduce oil heating sulphur content. This makes it an environmentally friendly fossil fuel on the market.

Did you know: Heating oil prices have gone down.

Heating oil cannot be ignited accidentally. Even if you dropped a cigarette or match into an oil tank, it will not explode or burn. Heating oil must first be atomised.

Your oil tank is also going to require less maintenance because it has a simple design. Heating oil is also one of the cheapest heating fuels. This will save you money in the long run.

How Do Oil Tanks Work?

Before you purchase an oil tank and install it, you want to have an understanding of how it works and how it will heat your home.

The thermostat will show when the tank activates. Oil is pumped through a filter to an atomiser. This then converts it into a mist. The mist is sent to a combustion chamber where its ignited in a controlled burn. Heat is released.

It depends on the type of distribution system you have in your home. You may have heat flowing into vents that run throughout your home.

Are you looking at replacing your old tank? It may have worn out, or you want to change to a more efficient system. Make sure you choose the right one that is up to code (all of our tanks are fully compliant!) 

Outdoors vs. Indoors Oil Tank

Oil-tank heating systems are available in the outdoor and indoor varieties. You could free up some space in your garage and maybe place your tank there.

Outdoor tanks can be vulnerable to the weather. Temperature changes can create condensation within the tank. Bacteria can grow. The cold can also affect the tank.

Top tip: Indoor tanks are protected from the weather. The advantage is the heating oil will remain at around room temperature. It shouldn’t gel or freeze. The stability of your basement or garage floor will help the tank from shifting as well.

The only drawback with an indoor tank is it will take up indoors space.

Underground vs. Above ground Oil Tank

Inside oil tanks are above ground. If you don’t want an oil tank inside, you must choose between having an underground or above ground tank outdoors.

Above ground tanks are more comfortable to access for maintenance and heating oil deliveries. They are also easier to install. You won’t have to worry about any lines or buried pipes.

Above ground tanks will be exposed to the elements, so they should be made of durable steel. There are installation regulations regarding the construction and materials of oil tanks.

The ground provides sure insulation. Above ground are more apt to gel the heating oil.

Underground oil tanks are popular because they are nearly invisible. You do not have to give up a lot of space in your yard or house. The ground will also keep the tank warmer so you won’t have to worry about gelling.

However, there are some huge drawbacks. They are difficult to inspect so if there is corrosion or a leak, it could go undetected for a while.

Both the installation and unit are more expensive than above ground units. Removing underground oil tanks are also a lot costlier and more difficult than aboveground ones.

Service to Your Area

You want to confirm that there is a heating oil delivery service nearby.

Luckily for Welsh customers – we can install oil tanks and deliver heating oil all over Wales, even to the remote areas (our drivers are fearless!). 

Disposal of an Old Oil Tank

If you are swapping an oil tank with a newer one, make sure that whoever is installing the new one can remove the older one. Sometimes there are hidden fees associated with this. Labor may cost more to excavate and lift the tank.

Installing an Oil Tank

Installing an oil tank is not a project that you can do yourself. There are an installation code and regulations that dictate how to make the tank, the installation, removal, and servicing of oil tanks.

This is a job you want to leave to professionals. Know your options and ask plenty of questions when considering a licensed professional.

Location of the Oil Tank

Most of the time, if you are installing a new oil tank, it’s going in the same spot as the old one. You don’t want to change your lines to a different place.

However, if you are replacing the tank because the previously displayed signs of leaking, shifting, or stress, you may need to find a new surface. The old surface may not have been the right spot.

Consider if the spot is close to trees or other residences. You want to pick the right location if you are choosing a place outdoors.

Costs to Consider

There will be additional costs when installing and purchasing an oil tank. Consult us before ordering, and we can quote you an installation and a servicing fee!

Additional expenses could include labor fees, line rerouting, other parts, permit fees, and inspection fees. Ask your questions beforehand. You don’t want to run into any surprise costs down the road.

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We hope you found this article helpful and will inform your decision about an oil tank installation. This is an important decision to make, and we want you be as informed as possible.

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