January 1, 2019by oil4wales

It’s New Year’s Day and we’re hoping that everybody is feeling fresh and ready for 20


At Oil 4 Wales we’re a bunch of traditional folk, which is why we couldn’t resist making some resolutions as individuals, and as a business!


Here are some of our favourites from the team and ambassadors:

“Spend more time with family and friends”. 

– Oil 4 Wales ambassador Gareth Wyn Jones


“Hit a new personal best, and go to more lifting events!”

– Sally


“Be able to say no when it comes to Christmas next year (I think I’ve put a stone on this holiday season!” 

– Richard


“Eat less at Christmas! (although I say that every year!)”

– Ricky


…We are sensing a theme here!


“Not get drunk at the Christmas party!”

– Dewi


“Explore the Welsh countryside even more, and have lots of summer adventures!”

– Carys


“Sell more vans!”

– Alan


“Spend as much time as possible with my family and to put the phone down more often!”

– Matt


“Get outdoors more with a good pair of hiking boots (and perhaps a raincoat because, well, it is Wales).” 

–  Shaun


“Finally finish painting the house (being two years into a renovation is hard!)”

– Rachel

And our Oil 4 Wales resolutions, well –

We spent a lot of our time in 2018 exploring the digital world more and more, and we are wanting to continue that into 2019… so:

  • We want to spend more time speaking with you online, and hearing what suggestions you have for our social media! 
  • We hope that we continue our work in the community, with even more events (is that even possible?)

And, last but certainly not least:

  • We vow that we are never to be sold. Not in 2019 and not ever! 

What are your resolutions? Let us know on Twitter!

And of course we can’t go into 2019 without a huge thank you to everybody who has been part of the Oil 4 Wales 2018!

Thank you to your ambassadors (those who have left as well as new faces!), our customers, our friends, family, and of course…

A huge thank you to our all important team who have been working so hard over the festive time to make sure the people of Wales have been kept warm! 

We would be nothing without our engineers, our drivers, our office team, and retail staff. 

Happy New Year, and here’s to a digitally innovative, but still community focused, 2019!


Oil 4 Wales