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June 5, 2019by oil4wales

Looking through different oil tank sizes and trying to find the right fit for your needs? At Oil 4 Wales we think that it’s important for you to learn how to pick the right tank for your home heating. And, of course, we can help you out with that with our free tank surveys, too.

When shopping around for oil tanks for your home, do you know how to judge what size to get? If you don’t take certain things into consideration, you might be faced with the problem of having one that is too small to warm your family, or too large to fit in your home!

This is something you don’t want to mess up on during harsh winter months. Luckily for you, there are ways to judge oil tank sizes.

Here are just a few ways for you to find the perfect tank to suit your family’s needs, no matter what they are.

1. Why You Need to Know Your Tank Size

If you’re one of the many homes in Wales who use oil as their primary source of heat, it’s important that you know what your tank size is.

For one, if you know how much your tank can hold, you can sort of judge how much you have left, and when you need to refill it. This is also helpful if you’re one to buy in bulk and just go ahead and get all the oil you need for the winter. You’ll be able to put a number on how much you’ll need.

Knowing the size will make you a little more conscious about how much oil you’re using. It will help you conserve heat and save oil a little better which means you’ll be less likely to let yourself run out.

2. Standards Sizes of Home Oil Tanks

Oil tank size is usually measured in gallons so the standard sizes kind of varies a little. Newer tanks will have a label on the side, but if you have an older tank you get the fun job of measuring it yourself.

When you’re looking for a tank you’ll see ones that are between 250 and 3,000 gallons. The size that works in most homes is 275.

3. Finding Out How Many Gallons Yours Holds

One way to find out how much your tank holds is to just let it hit empty and then fill it up. If you don’t want to let your oil get that low there are other ways that you can judge the number.

Imagine that your tank is above the ground. If it measures 44″ high, 60″ wide, and 27″ deep, then that means it’s the standard 275 gallons. If you don’t trust yourself to make these measurements then you can always ask a service technician to do it for you.

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4. How Much Space Do You Have Available?

When you’re finding out what oil tank size you need there are a few things that you need to consider. First, how much space do you have available in your home?

If you’re worried about running out of oil before the winter is over you might be considering getting a bigger tank, but will your home hold it? Your best bet is to take measurements of where you want to put it first.

Your heart and needs might say get a big one but if you don’t have the room then you’ll just have to settle for a smaller one.

5. How Many Family Members do You Have?

Do you have a really big family? If so then you’ll need a bigger tank to keep everyone and their rooms warm.

If you haven’t started your family yet you still might want to get a bigger tank just so you don’t come up short when you do start adding in a few new members.

6. How Big is Your Home?

This sort of goes in with how many family members you have because you have to think of how many rooms are being occupied or how many rooms you have in your home in general. A one bedroom won’t need as big of a tank as say a 4 bedroom.

When shopping around keep in mind how many rooms that you’ll need to warm to keep your family comfortable throughout the winter.

7. How much heating do you actually use?

Think about your family’s consumption habits. If everyone seems to be pretty cautious about it then you might not need too big of a tank. If you tend to take long trips away during the winter, then a big tank might be a waste.

If your loved ones get cold and crank up that tank and use a ton of oil, though, you’ll need a bigger tank or you’ll risk running out before the winter is over. Everyone’s habits are different!

8. Factor in the Weather, Always

Just how bad do your winters get? If you’re in an area where the temperature is 80 degrees on Christmas it might be a waste for you to purchase a very large tank as you may only have a harsh winter for a month or so. We know that certain parts of Wales get get a lot snowier than others – those mountain roads can be fun for our drivers!

If you get a ton of snow and ice then you want to be safe and allow for a little leeway. You don’t want to run out of oil when the snow has trapped you in your home.

How Much can Your House Hold? Different Oil Tank Sizes

If you’re one of the many homes that run off of oil, you have to consider oil tank sizes so you know how to cater to your family’s needs. It’s not as simple as just filling the tank with oil.

Make sure to get accurate measurements. Your loved ones will only suffer in the winter if you come up short.

It may be summer now, but will you be ready for the Winter? Visit our shop to browse through our oil tanks.