What is HVO?

HVO Renewable Diesel is a FAME-free and Fossil Free sustainable alternative to Fossil Diesel. Due to it’s characteristics it can be used as a direct replacement for both Red and White Diesel

What is HVO made from?

HVO is made from renewable raw materials such as vegetable oil. HVO offers a reduction of up to 90% of net C02 greenhouse gas emissions from source to end user. All materials used are checked verified and certified to ensure sustainability.

What are the benefits of using HVO?

* Up to 90% Reduction in Greenhouse Gas: Emissions (from source to send user)
* FAME-free and Fossil-free: All year round performance
* Excellent Cold Weather Performance
* Drop in Alternative for Fossil Fuels

RFAS Member

Oil 4 Wales are proud to announce that we are now an approved member of the Renewable Fuels Assurance Scheme (RFAS). Our Renewable Diesel is assured under RFAS. Our Renewable Fuel Supplier Reference number is OW/P26/23