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Agricultural fuel and services for farms and small holdings throughout Wales.

0% Budget Accounts Available

Cash flow is king in the agricultural sector! Here at Oil 4 Wales we understand that, so are now able to offer interest free budget accounts to our agricultural customers!

To find out more simply call us on 01267 275 777 or email

Agricultural fuel and services for farms and small holdings throughout Wales.

Oil 4 Wales supply red diesel/gas oil and kerosene to agricultural customers; we supply our fuels to a number of farms, small holdings and farming groups throughout Wales.

No matter the size of your fuel order or where you are, you are guaranteed a professional and personal service.

Same Day or Next Day Delivery

We understand that when you need fuel, you need it as quickly as possible, whether its for personal or business reasons. This is exactly why we make our best efforts to get your fuel order to you as soon as we can.

Call us at any one of our depots today to place your fuel order.

24/7 Contact

At Oil 4 Wales we appreciate that there will be times when you need to take advantage of the good weather and may use more fuel than anticipated, or maybe you have forgotten to order fuel during ‘normal’ working hours.

This is why we have made ourselves available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to provide you with the flexibility to order your fuel at a time that suits you.

And the best thing? Your fuel will be delivered the next day.

You can speak to our dedicated agricultural customer out of hours team at 07879 335 303 or 07557 563 869.

“I am privileged to be an ambassador for this family run Welsh company. I have met and got to know many Oil 4 Wales employees and they are friendly helpful and extremely hardworking. They provide excellent service both commercially and privately.”

– Gareth Wyn Jones

Fuel Additives to help with gas oil changes

The UK’s gas oil pool has become highly variable and can create problems for new engines. Biodiesels such as FAME tend to move water, soften existing tank vernishes, increase tank deposits and promote bug contamination from tank to tank.

To help prevent these problems the following advice has been issued:

  • Improve tank housekeeping by regularly draining tank water bottoms, cleaning empty tanks and checking for the presence of bugs.
  • Routinely use Exocet Gas Oil Extra to avoid water pick-up, rough running and protection of critical components.
  • For those vehicles or storage tanks that remain idle for several weeks: use Exocet Fuel Store Plus to improve the long term storage stability of FAME containing fuels.
  • Routinely use Exocet Anti-Bug additives at a maintenance dose to keep it free from bugs or at a kill dose to take care of the problem should a bug infestation occur.
  • Forward plan to ensure a fresh supply of winter gas oil (supplied November 16 through March 15 from the terminal) is in the storage tank during winter months.
  • Add Exocet Anti-Wax additive in advance as a preventative measure for extra protection down to approx -20C if required.
  • Add high detergent dose Exocet Power Restorer additive directly to the fuel tanks of those vehicles down on power to remove the diesel injector lacquers in one tank fill.
  • Rapid start for vehicles that have been left idle.
  • Use Exocet Smart Start a strong detergent and cetane boost that purges fuel that has been untreated in fuel tanks or storage tanks, or has slow turnover.
For more advice, please contact Oil 4 Wales at any one of our depots today.

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