NewsStandard 95 Octane Petrol Has Become E10 – Is Your Vehicle Compatible?

September 1, 2021by oil4wales

The standard (95 octane) petrol has become E10.

Almost all petrol vehicles on the road today can use E10 petrol and all cars built since 2011 are compatible, but some vehicles are not compatible and can’t use E10.

If your petrol vehicle was made before 2011, or if you ride a motorcycle, use the online vehicle checker to see if your vehicle is compatible.

If your vehicle is not compatible with E10 fuel, you will still be able to use E5 by purchasing the ‘super’ grade (97+ octane) petrol.

All of our petrol pumps will be clearly labelled as either E10 or E5, and as this change applies to petrol only, diesel fuel is not affected.

Check your compatibility on the government website here.