January 17, 2018by oil4wales

Boiler maintenance is never more essential than during the winter.

With temperatures dropping, it is more likely that customers will be switching on their heating throughout the colder months.

As such, boilers must be effectively maintained to help prevent any potential issues and ensure continued running.

Oil 4 Wales engineer Rick Hall offers his expert advice on boiler maintenance this month.

Check for blockages

Blockages in the vents or flues could seriously impact the boilers efficiency, so it is recommended that these are checked regularly, particularly in the lead up and during the winter months.

Bleed radiators

Bleeding your radiators is recommended at least once a year to remove excess air bubbles from the system. Bleeding your radiators in winter is even more vital, this will ensure that your boiler isn’t being overworked while the central heating is used more frequently.

Regular servicing

Regular servicing could make your oil boiler up to 10% more efficient in your home, so this is recommended, especially during colder months. This is essential from both a safety and an efficiency standpoint, as servicing could help to identify any ineffective or faulty parts.

Black marks

Inspect the outside of your boiler for any sooty or black marks, which could be an indicator that fuel isn’t burning correctly in the boiler.

Flush out your water

If your radiators aren’t heating up to their full potential it might be beneficial to carry out a chemical clean. This ensures your radiators are heating up to their maximum potential, which will help to save you money.

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