September 27, 2017by oil4wales

Gareth Wyn Jones, Welsh hill farmer and ambassador of family-run Oil 4 Wales, discusses autumn preparation.

The autumn months are a busy period for all. In the Jones’ household, this means sheep dipping, and keeping on top of the dreaded fluke disease.

One of the biggest complications that farmers face during the harsher weather is fluke, which can lead to other serious seasonal illnesses due to weakened immune systems. The main problem with the disease, is that once it’s been detected, it’s often already too late.

Fluke disease attacks the liver of both livestock and humans, and it is vital that those in agriculture perform regular health checks. While the disease mainly manifests in cattle and sheep, it has also been known to infect horses.

Whilst the Jones’ household usually runs according to tight annual schedules, organising the herd’s fluke shots are one exception. Whilst bringing the date of your scheduled fluke vaccinations forward to coincide with wet weather is a great solution, it is also advisable to give a small dosage to your animals to keep the disease at bay.

Gareth is working with Oil 4 Wales to campaign for more people in Wales to buy local and help ease the issues faced by those in agriculture.