October 27, 2017by oil4wales

Welsh hill farmer Gareth Wyn Jones gives out some handy hints and tricks for a successful ram sale trip.

Winter is drawing in, and so are the long nights. It’s time for one of the most exciting times of the farming year – ram sales!

Picking the perfect prize ram is no mean feat, and there are certain things that are obvious to consider, such as a healthy coat to produce good quality wool.

There are, however, a few things that may not be so obvious, and these things can only be discovered through years of personal experience.

One of Gareth’s top tips is to make sure you check the ram’s teeth. If the sheep has a good, strong set of teeth, they will able to graze with ease all year round which will ensure the production of good quality meat. Whereas if they are overshot, or in bad condition, the animal will struggle to feed which will stunt their growth.

Finally, keep your eye out for a strong, short and stocky ram. This specific type of figure on a sheep promotes muscle building, ensuring a good amount of meat to sell when the time is right.

Gareth is working with Oil 4 Wales to campaign for more people in Wales to buy local and help ease the issues faced by those in agriculture.