May 11, 2022by oil4wales

We had a great time in Liverpool recently at the recent UK and Ireland Fuel Distributors Association Expo and Future Fuels conference. We were also very proud to win the Green Award from the UKIFDA for our efforts in transitioning to Green4Wales.

The judges said: “We were particularly impressed by the way Oil 4 Wales has sought to expand its distribution business into other areas including looking at producing hydrogen through a network of community-based facilities in Wales, with the possibility of also producing Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil.”

Colin Owens, our Managing Director, said: “As Wales’ leading oil and fuel supplier distributing 160 million litres of fuel to commercial and residential customers annually, we are on a mission to provide more sustainable solutions to our customers.

We are fully committed to helping Wales reduce its carbon emissions and over the last year, we have made important strides into our own efforts to transition to Green 4 Wales, while also supporting Welsh Government in its efforts to decarbonise Wales.

Oil4Wales Director Sally Owens, added: “We are proud that the work we have already done has been recognised with an industry award. It reinforces our commitment and spurs us on in our business plans as we transition to Green 4 Wales. We look forward to continuing with our efforts, exploring more environmentally friendly fuel solutions for our communities,and helping Wales reduce its carbon emissions.” 

This award marks an important step for our company and we are so proud to have been recognised in this way. We’ve been working hard behind the scenes our green initiatives and we’ll post some details over the next few weeks on each of them. ​​​​​​​​
Each initiative is an important part of our mission to decarbonise Wales and replace fossil fuels with clean forms of energy, ahead of our big transition to Green 4 Wales.